The scent that lingers

Ever found yourself staring in amazement at all the different bottles of perfume staring back at you from the store shelves? Wondering which scent is the best to use during daytime? Perfume shopping can be a daunting experience for everyone. Thankfully the Penha Perfume Stores have the most knowledgeable and friendly staff around. These ladies will advise you on the best scent for your skin- and personality type, for Men and for Women. Pay them a visit and let them help you find your signature scent.


  • Dahlia Divin by Givenchy, fragrance for Women
    Dahlia Divin Givenchy
    A dazzling light shines from an apartment at the heart of Paris. According to the modern legend, one of its rooms hides a mysterious wooden box containing a myriad of golden threads. Inside is a fragrance. 
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  • Just Cavalli Gold, fragrances for her and for him
    Just Cavalli Gold fragrance
    A scent. An alluring scent drifting in the air. Instinctively familiar. Totally bonding. It cannot be denied, let alone ignored. It makes the pulse beats faster. It is just lust, just desire, just Cavalli. The chase is on… 
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  • Alien Eau Extraordinaire by Thierry Mugler for Women
    Thierry Mugler Alien Extraordinaire
    Alien Eau Extraordinaire enchants with its sensual freshness, enveloping each woman in an aura of crystalline light. A modern purity, precious and delicate, kisses the skin with positive radiance, evoking a new sun goddess that is both sophisticated and serene.  
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  • Karl Lagerfeld Parfums men and women
    Karl Lagerfeld perfume
    Together, Karl’s two new fragrances form a story of desire, of irresistible attraction, magnetism, sensuality, and a seductive rock-and-roll duo. In the photos, two models are shown embracing, their torsos bare and bodies becoming one. Their attitude reflects the sensual, addictive nature of Karl’s new pair of fragrances 
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  • Escada Joyful, fragrance for Women
    Fragrance Escada Joyful
    This sparkling floral fragrance is for women who approach life with positivity, spontaneity and confidence; who seize all of life's opportunities and embody joie de vivre.  
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  • Daisy Dream Marc Jacobs, fragrance for Women
    Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream
    Light and airy touch – dreamy, sweet and charming. Inspired by the boundless spirit of daisies and blue skies, this floral fruity fragrance reflects Marc Jacobs's irresistible mix of intricate details, elegance and femininity for a fresh interpretation of the iconic Daisy motif.  
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  • Lady Million - Eau My Gold! by Paco Rabanne
    paco rabanne lady million eau my gold
    The freshness of Lady Million Eau My Gold! conveys exuberant luxury and the fantasy of an extraordinary show. This new floral, fruity eau de toilette for women is the expression of a new fantasy and femininity with an unprecedented delicate and effervescent touch. 
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  • Kenzo Jeu d'Amour, fragrance for Women
    Kenzo Jeu D Amour fragrance
    All the better to play him at his own game. Play, smile, seduce, seduce again, provoke, surprise… Love is a gamble. Seduction, a game of cards… Never being where he expects you. All the better to charm him.  
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  • DKNY MyNY by Donna Karan New York for women
    DKNY My NY by Donna Karan New York for women
    Experience the urban, carefree, spirited new DKNY MYNY fragrance that’s as eclectic and passionate as New York the city we love. Be a part of it!  
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  • L'homme IdĂ©al by Guerlain for men
    guerlain lhomme ideal
    The ideal man is a myth. His fragrance, a reality. Guerlain decodes men’s aspirations and creates for them a concentrate of ideal. The ideal fragrance? Smart, handsome, strong. Three adjectives, three accords for this fresh woody fragrance that will trigger your full potential. 
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