Azzaro Wanted for Men


The story of Azzaro Wanted is the story of a Wanted man. He is a hedonist and rebellious, all eyes are on him. He takes chances, trusts his insticts and lives life as he pleases. He’s charismatic, talented and radiant, desired by women, envied by men. Free-spirited, he lives life on his own terms, follows his instincts and changes the rules of the game everyday. He boldly takes chances with complete confidence and dares to change his destiny to get whatever he desires.


Three men, three different hobbies and three unique styles… boldly sharing their stories. Our Wanted Men have just one motto: there are no limits.

A biker, a chef and a surfer. What do they all have in common? Always classy, that’s the mark of a real Wanted man. So just to be sure, we gave them three awesome assignments. What happened? That’s for you to find out.



Azzaro Wanted was launched in spring 2016.

Azzaro Wanted is an audacious and flamboyant fragrance with a fresh, sensual and captivating masculinity. The main ingredients are lemon, Guatemalan cardamom, Haitian vetiver and Brazilian tonka bean.

This spicy-woody-citrus fragrance is created by perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin.


The campaign of Azzaro Wanted features British model Isaac Carew, Brazilian surfer Pedro Scooby, and French biker Thomas Letourneur.



Available at Penha Stores